OneSnap preview

March 29, 2006

No audio this time.  This’ll only be interesting to OneNote users. 

So, in my spare time I developed a PowerToy for OneNote , Microsoft’s notetaking application.  The PowerToy is called OneSnap, and it’s used to import web pages from IE (as a "screen capture") to OneNote.  But the cool thing is that you get can import into any section in your OneNote notebook.

Here’s a preview from the User’s Guide:

onesnap preview.JPG

The dialog is what you get when you click on the the OneSnap button in IE.  

It actually was one of the winners of the Microsoft OneNote PowerToy Contest , so Microsoft is supposed to release it on their web site.  But it has been months since the contest ended, so I’m not expecting them to move on it anytime soon.

So after a bit more beta testing I’m going to release it here.  Stay tuned!

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