Hosting woes…

If you visited over the past couple of days, you may have noticed our site was down.  Apparently our hosting service, Razorlogix, lost a hard drive.  This caused them to go down multiple days, and also lose some data, or something, as this blog was never actually restored – the data/database was there, but it wouldn’t run for some reason.  (I’m beginning to suspect overall system or permissions errors, but who knows).  Yeah, pretty unforgivable that a bad hard drive has caused so many problems.

Razorlogix apparently agreed: for better or for worse, they’ve decided to throw in the towel: they’re ceasing commercial hosting in a week or so.  

So I hooked up w/ Dreamhost, and have moved the blog over.  I think everything is back to normal, now.  The big job, however, will be my wife’s blog , which actually has a substantial number of followers…

And, yeah, I’ll get back to posting soon.  Right now, though, I have a new family member that’s taking the bulk of my time. :-D

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  1. Marc :

    Jun 9, 2006 1:43 pm |

    I have been very happy with shared hosting that I have from DreamHost. I have:

    Debian Linux
    20 GB of disk space
    1 terabyte of bandwidth
    Unlimited domains
    675 email addresses
    PHP, Perl, MySQL, Jabber, WebDAV, Subversion, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Gallery, phpBB, etc.

    and the customer support is fantastic.

    and it’s only $7.95/month though I don’t really pay anything because I make $97 off of referrals so it pays for itself and gives me a bit of extra income. I have been very, very pleased with them.

  2. andrew( author ) :

    Jun 9, 2006 2:24 pm |

    Yah, we went with Dreamhost. It is slower than our previous host, but so far no crashes! ;-)

    The Rails wiki has a page of referral codes that would give the subscriber the whole $97 referral fee. I told my wife about the referal program and pondered putting an ad up on her blog (she really enjoys bringing money into the house, no matter how much). But I figured that there wasn’t any money it since you can find the “100% altruistic” codes. Good to know that’s not the case. ;-)

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