March 23, 2006

Is this thing on?  Testing…

Hi, my name is Andrew Wheeler.  I’m an audio driver developer at Sigmatel, working mostly on porting the DSP effects in our current Windows XP driver to the new Vista audio driver model.  I also get involved with SCM when possible, as I find it pretty interesting.  This topic includes ClearCase, Subversion, and Python, my favorite scripting language.

Where do I come from?  I’ve made career of audio DSP and driver development, with a strong focus on 3D audio.  I started my career as an undergrad developing passive sonar systems at Applied Research Laboratories, where I also built my first 3D audio system

I then joined Crystal River Engineering, a startup company focused on 3D audio for psychoacoustics research and virtual reality simulation.  (Remember VR?  It was pretty hot during the 90’s.) 

CRE was purchased by Aureal Semiconductor, where we developed PC audio chips and A3D, one of the first interactive 3D audio technologies that took off w/ gamers.  (Though our technology was pretty darn good for the day, much credit can be given to Toni Schneider for the marketing of A3D.  Toni has gone on to do some very cool things in the web world.)  Aureal/A3D was successful enough to garner Creative Lab’s attention, when they promptly sued us into oblivion (despite winning the case, we ran out of money), and bought the remains.  (There was more to it than just that – we probably would have gone out of business fairly soon, regardless.) 

I then joined Spatializer Labs for a brief stint as VP of Engineering , and then joined a now-defunct startup company focused on  providing a "DirectX" gaming API for cell phones.  And that led me to Sigmatel…

This is my technical blog.  I’ll likely be posting any personal/family stuff on my wife’s/family blog, Educating the Wheelers.